The Opportunity Cost of Not Having a RevOps Expert: A Case for SaaS SMBs


The role of a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) in a SaaS SMB is undoubtedly crucial. However, when a CRO does not collaborate with a RevOps expert, the opportunity cost can be staggering. How much are we talking about? Let’s dive into some numbers.

Scales representing Opportunity Cost of  Not Having a RevOps Expert.

The Time Factor

Before we begin, it’s crucial to understand that the opportunity costs outlined below may not be fully realizable in a single year. Implementing changes in sales processes, aligning marketing and sales, or optimizing a tech stack can be time-consuming. Yet, the cumulative effect over several years could easily exceed the numbers we’re discussing.

Opportunity Costs Broken Down

Inefficient Sales Process

Improving the sales process by even 10% could bring significant gains. Consider an average salesperson generating $500,000 in revenue annually. A 10% efficiency improvement would mean a potential gain of $50,000 per salesperson. In a 10-person team, that’s a staggering $500,000.

Misalignment Between Marketing and Sales

A lack of coordination between marketing and sales often leads to lost opportunities. With a $1M marketing budget, even a conservative estimate of a 10% loss amounts to $100,000.

Suboptimal Tech Stack

Inefficiencies in a cluttered or overlapping tech stack could be costing a 10-person sales team around 5% in lost productivity, equating to about $25,000 a year.

Faster Decision-Making

RevOps specialists can provide the analytics and reporting necessary for rapid decision-making. The value here could be hundreds of thousands in either saved costs or additional revenue streams.

Customer Retention

According to Bain & Company, improving customer retention rates by just 5% can boost profits by 25% to 95%. Read the research article here. For a business making $2M from existing customers, a 25% boost would mean an additional $500,000.

Time-Saving for CROs

If a CRO spends even 10% of their time on tasks that could be automated or optimized, that’s $20,000 annually that could be better spent, given a $200,000 salary.

Total Opportunity Cost

Adding these figures, the opportunity cost of not having a RevOps expert is:

$500,000 (Sales) + $100,000 (Marketing-Sales Alignment) + $25,000 (Tech Stack) + $500,000 (Customer Retention) + $20,000 (CRO Time) + Hundreds of Thousands (Faster Decision-Making) = $1,345,000

The RevOps Solution

To mitigate these costs, it’s essential to integrate a RevOps specialist into your team. They can help align your marketing and sales strategies, optimize your tech stack, and improve data analytics for faster decision-making.

Opportunity Costs of Not Hiring Real Time RevOps Consulting


The numbers don’t lie. The opportunity cost of not having a RevOps expert on your team can be substantial. And even if it takes a couple of years to fully realize these gains, the compound impact can be transformative. For a company with $2M in ARR, the opportunity cost represents a significant portion of total revenue. If your company has $10M in ARR, your opportunity cost could exceed $5 million over a multi-year period.

Are you ready to stop the bleed and start optimizing your revenue operations? Let’s get the conversation started.

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