Small Tweaks, Monumental Gains: A RevOps Success Story

Target Account Strategy


In Revenue Operations, strategic adjustments can be powerful. My work as a RevOps consultant working with a growth-stage company in overhauling their Target Account Strategy showcases this well. This change not only revitalized their approach but also spurred significant growth.

The Stagnation Challenge:

The company was in a revenue rut. Their ARR was stuck between $9M and $11M for three years. Traditional strategies weren’t cutting it anymore, highlighting the need for change.

RevOps Intervention: My Strategic Approach

  1. Revamping Predictive Scoring: Collaborating with MadKudu, we refined the scoring algorithm. This effort led to highly accurate predictive scoring, a key part of our strategy.
  2. Applying New Scoring: I applied this scoring to all accounts. Consequently, it aligned them effectively, sharpening our targeting strategy.
  3. Expanding the Account Base: In partnership with Zoominfo, we added ~22,000 new look-alike accounts into SFDC. As a result, this expanded our targeting horizon.
  4. Strategic Account Allocation: ~8,500 of these accounts were scored Very High or High. Each of the four territory managers received a portion for targeted engagement.
  5. Concentrated Territory Targets: The accounts were narrowed down further. Each AE focused on the top 100 accounts in their territory.
  6. Marketing Collaboration: I also worked with the marketing team. Together, we identified 5,000 additional growth accounts.
  7. Executive Decisions: Lastly, we chose 3 key accounts for special attention. This step was crucial in our strategy.

The Results: A Revenue Leap

The RevOps-focused account target strategy overhaul led to a surge in ARR. Impressively, it jumped to $17M and then to $31M in two years. All other key metrics increased as well: CVR%, AOV, and LTV.

Building on Success: ABM and RevOps Playbook

These changes were part of a broader ABM strategy. I focused on this as part of a strategic project we highlighted when building my RevOps Playbook. This playbook ensured effective tracking and strategy refinement.


This experience highlights the impact of strategic RevOps changes. By aligning sales, marketing, and customer success, the company achieved remarkable growth.

Call to Action:

Looking to transform your company’s growth through RevOps? Contact me to explore a custom RevOps strategy. Together, we can elevate your business to new heights.

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