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Real Time RevOps Consultancy specializes in optimizing revenue operations. Our expert team aligns departments, streamlines processes, and implements powerful tools to supercharge your growth. Discover how our proven strategies can accelerate your revenue growth today.

Unlocking Revenue Growth: Your Challenges, Our Solutions

In the world of Revenue Operations, complex challenges can stall growth and alignment within organizations, including the critical issue of revenue leakage. As a leader in sales, marketing, operations, or revenue, you confront these hurdles daily. At Real Time RevOps, we bring a wealth of experience spanning Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, and Customer Success Ops to the table so we can help your challenges from lead to cash. We don’t just analyze and plan; we collaborate closely with your organization to devise strategies that drive comprehensive revenue optimization. Count on us for insightful guidance, tailored solutions, and a holistic approach to unlock your business’s full potential.

Identify the Challenge: Which of these common RevOps issues resonate with your business?

Strategy Misalignment

Streamline departmental strategies for cohesive alignment and enhanced efficiency

Measurement Challenges

Unlock performance insights with advanced metrics and KPI tracking.

Data Fragmentation

Integrate and standardize data for accurate forecasting and informed decisions.

Workflow Inefficiencies

Optimize workflows to enhance the customer journey and revenue flow.

Tech Stack Complexity

Simplify toolsets, improve integration, and bridge data gaps for clarity.

Training Deficiencies

"Elevate employee performance through robust training resources."

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Meet Your RevOps Expert

Delivering Specialized Revenue Operations Strategies for Your Business

Adam Benitez Revenue Operations Consultant

Adam Benitez

Founder and Lead Consultant

With nearly 15 years of experience in Revenue Operations, I specialize in helping businesses streamline their sales and marketing operations for accelerated growth and innovation. My expertise includes implementing and optimizing CRM systems, enhancing marketing automation platforms, and staying at the forefront of innovative technologies incorporating AI and Machine Learning. As a data-driven strategist, I collaborate closely with teams to align goals, improve operational efficiency, and maximize revenue. My robust background spans Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, and Customer Success Ops, providing a comprehensive understanding of the entire sales funnel, making me uniquely able to see the entire picture from marketing to customer success. Ready to achieve your revenue goals? Let’s connect.

Highlighted Projects

Discover some of the impactful RevOps strategic growth projects we’ve managed, increasing revenue for businesses like yours.


Pioneered CRM optimization strategies, boosting sales productivity by 50% and prioritizing high lift opportunities to enhance sales outputs.


Spearheaded a comprehensive operations overhaul, revamping account prioritization and compensation structures. Achievements included a 73% growth in ARR and time-savings of 60 hours/month.

Data Management

Managed a large-scale data optimization project, influencing 300+ opportunities and reducing system “dead weight” by 25% for scalable sales and marketing procedures.


Amplified the effectiveness of SFDC dashboards threefold, providing actionable insights that led to significant operational transformations and alignment of sales and marketing operations.


Navigated multiple CRM transitions and rectified dysfunctional Marketo systems. Utilized Zoominfo for automated demand generation, reducing manual efforts by 15-25% and eliminating $100k in annual tech debt.


Facilitated rapid Salesforce Lead-to-Cash training across Europe, minimizing downtime and reducing rep churn, leading to sustained sales performance amidst systemic changes.

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John Doe
CEO, Acme Inc.

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